Season 2, Episode 1: Adoption

After almost a year long hiatus we picked up in Season 2. Sadly Christine and Michael decided not to join, necessitating a total revamp. This episode served as a pilot of our new format, introducing Aaron Martinson to cohost with Olivia.



Eugene now is doing News of the Weird, where he introduces 3 strange news stories, and Rob is here for On the Pulse where we look to have a discussion on a social issue, possibly with an interview.

Here are the stories for News of the Weird w/Eugene:


On the Pulse w/Rob: He interviewed adoptee activist Shannon Heit about adoptee issues and a particular SNL Korea sketch that just wasn’t kosher.

Shannon Heit giving a presentation in front of the Ministry of Health & Welfare and the adoption agencies


Shannon’s tumblr page can be found here.


An excellent write-up of the entire issue by Roboseyo, including the video itself can be found here!


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