Season 3 Episode 4: We’re #1

Café Seoul enters year 3!

We so totally won the best podcast of 2014 at the Kblog Awards!

We won this virtual trophy.

We won this virtual trophy.

Rob could not join us for this episode, so we have the return of Christine as a substitute… Did we mention that we won Best Podcast in the K-Blog Awards and we were really happy about it?

This episode also birthed our moniker of “Best Best Podcast” as our K-Blog Award winner’s certificate contained a typo, but we embraced it.

We won this certificate at the K-blog Awards. It contained the typo that led to our tagline.

News of the Weird w/ Eugene –

NEW SEGMENT! Ask Aaron and Olivia – Elaine in Incheon asks how you know you’re no longer a Korea newb.

On the Pulse w/ Christine – She interviews Lee Tae-hoon of the Korea Observer.

Here's Lee Tae-Hoon looking suave.

Here’s Lee Tae-Hoon looking suave.


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