Season 3, Episode 11: Adoption Revisited


Today we talked about the upcoming Korean holiday of Children’s Day and came back to the topic of adoption.

News of the Weird w/Eugene

  • Ramen is delicious but how about bathing in it? What of this emerging Japanese fad?
  • 90s sit-com favourite Full House set for a reunion and modern reboot.
  • Korean government taxing the wages of a prostitute’s alleged earnings. Where do we stand on the morality of this, when prostitution is not legal in Korea?
Man's imagination exceeded by reality

Man’s imagination exceeded by reality

Ask Aaron and Olivia and On the Street (w/Mike Jones)

  • What are your thoughts on Children’s Day? Celebratin’ the kids or spoiling them and inconveniencing everyone in the country who’s not a kid?

On the Pulse w/Rob

  • We spoke with Blossom, a Korean adoptee who lets us know all the dumb things you shouldn’t ask an adoptee if you don’t want to offend one…Even if you’re really curious.

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