Season 3, Episode 17: Get Out of Seoul

After 17 episodes and our longest season to date, we are now hanging it up for season 3. We’ll be back in either September or October with a whole new season roaring and ready to go.

But, since we’re taking a break, this episode is about getting out of Seoul to see the countryside.

If you don't have a car, you'll likely ride the KTX to get out of Seoul

If you don’t have a car, you’ll likely ride the KTX to get out of Seoul

News of the Weird w/Eugene

Ask Blossom, Rob, and Eugene & On the Street w/Hyewon

Where is the best place to visit outside of Seoul for a Vacation?

On the Pulse w/Rob
With Korea Scholar Jennifer Flinn, we discussed the best ways we could get out of Seoul and see the countryside.

Jennifer also plugged the Royal Asiatic Society

It’s been a good Season 3, and just a few notes, we’ve now gotten our first mention in Korean media (though it’s not in the best spot ever). If you would like to join us in some capacity (such as running our on the street segment in Season 4) leave a comment or send us an email or otherwise contact us. Please be sure to check out KoreaFM and our non-reciprocating sister podcast Korea Underground while we are away.

Season 3 is OVER… time to relax.

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