Korea Underground Episodes 26 and 27

Over the break, Eugene traveled down to Pohang and appeared on the Korea Underground Podcast. The topic happened to be about K-Pop for the most part, but  Eugene, Teresa, and Stephen drank a lot and discussed several series of tangents. A blast was held by all, except Teresa who was getting sleepy towards the end there. So here are the two episodes of Korea Underground that resulted:

Their logo is better than ours!

Their logo is better than ours!

Episode 26: 

Episode 27:

Here is an intro about their podcast per their website:
“Korea Underground is a podcast created by an American expat and is hosted by three of us living, working, loving, and drinking in Korea. In each episode we drink a little bit and discuss things we believe will be of interest to foreigners here, or for people outside of Korea that want to learn more about this beautiful and sometimes baffling country. We’ll discuss everything from how to order food, get a job, navigate public transportation, and even get a hooker. If you’ve even got a passing interest in Korea, this is a podcast for you.”


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