Café Seoul Season 4 Episode 1: Hell-o!

It’s the beginning of a new season! Sadly Blossom is no longer with us… life happens. We’ve got a slightly different format to start out. Eugene and Rob will be handling things by themselves. We are of course looking for a third member, preferably if you have two x chromosomes. We are going to try a few people out before settling on one person, so if you think you would like to join us, then drop us a line.

News of the Weird w/Eugene

Ask Blossom, Rob, and Eugene (without Blossom)
-Question on re-entering English teaching in Korea in your mid-30s

Here is a map of Hell Joseon!

Here is a map of Hell Joseon!

On the Pulse w/Rob
Rob asked some of his students their thoughts on Hell Joseon, and we discuss the meme and their answers. So, to understand the Hell Joseon meme, does one have to be a doctor? No! It’s plain and simple that with economy designed the way it is, young people are getting the short end of the stick, or at least they feel that way.

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