Café Seoul Season 4, Episode 5: The Halfblood Prince

In this episode, Eugene finally breaks his silence about being a multiracial Korean, a subject he’s avoided for the entirety of the podcast. That’s all in the second half of the show. Rydia’s back a little early. She says she will join once per month, but due to the 2015 Star Wars Holiday Special featuring Dr. Michael Hurt, which will be released on the same day as Episode VII, we bumped her up an episode.

News of the Weird /w Eugene

On the Pulse w/Rob – “Special Guest” Eugene runs through a list of things that it is probably not wise to say to someone who is a multiracial Korean person. Again, I must mention that the opinion expressed is mine (Eugene) and mine alone. I certainly realize that other people have other viewpoints, and that’s totally okay. I’ve been very reluctant to even talk about the issue, because it is often very divisive, but I figured, we have brought in adoptees to give us the inside scoop on being an adoptee, like, several times now… so it’s only fair, right? I’ve also been avoiding it because I generally don’t share my own thoughts and feelings about the multiracial experience unless I am very close to someone, but hey, you only live twice, right? Might as well do it at least once while I have an audience.


You know, you really don't look very Korean, Eugene.

You know, you really don’t look very Korean, Eugene.

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