Café Seoul Season 4, Episode 8: A New Dope?

Well even though we said it was our 45th episode ever, it’s actually our 46th! Dr. Michael Hurt joins us again, and could possibly be a permanent fixture on Café Seoul! If so, welcome aboard!

News of the Weird

What do you shout for this? "HEY stick figure!!!?"

What do you shout for this? “HEY stick figure!!!?”

Ask the ‘tician, ‘seyo and Huge
Why don’t subtitles match what the people are saying all the time?

On the Pulse/At the Movies

This segment is a grand follow up to the 2015 Star Wars Holiday Special, and we’re with Dr. Hurt for a follow up to the speculation discussion about The Force Awakens. We have not figured out what to call it yet, but suffice it to say, we will have Dr. Hurt with us once per month, and the plan is to discuss western films in a Korean context and/or other film related topics. Now, a lot of people might complain that we are now going to be a little bit too old, too North American, and too male… and you’re right, but I think all of us as people who respect the opinions of others. So we subscribe to the philosophy of live and let die.  At any rate, it’s going to be fun to talk about movies with 3 nerdy but cool dudes, and this could end up being the next step in Café Seoul’s evolution.

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