Cafe Seoul Season 4, Episode 9: Never Can Say Goodbye

We’ve been away for a while and for that we apologize. Eugene had a major development in his life (that we will talk about in an upcoming episode). As such, this episode is a bit late.  We are joined by Charles Montgomery, an expat expert on Korean Literature. In a lot of this show has to do with leaving Korea.


Stolen from BusinessKorea

Photo stolen from BusinessKorea

News of the Weird

Ask Rob & Eugene – When do you know it’s time to leave Korea?

Image lifted from Click to travel there.

On the Pulse

Charles Montgomery is the man with the golden gun when it comes to literature. He is the curator of the Korean Literature in Translation webpage, and has worked very closely with the Literature Translation Institute of Korea.   Today our discussion is about Leaving Korea too Early. Charles is headed back to the United States for personal reasons, but if he could have his way, he’d stay here just a little bit longer, so he could finish a few things here and there. The discussion also gives advice on what people who are in Korea temporarily ought to do to stay relevant in another workforce.


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