Cafe Seoul Season 4, Episode 14: The Baby Box

Finally! The fabled, long awaited Baby Box episode! I’m sure you listeners out there have had enough of the discussions about which superhero films are good and which aren’t, or who’s a cool expat doing cool stuff, so this episode is a bit of a serious one. Perhaps you found your way here as you were linked from somewhere else to either defend or argue against the baby box. If so, welcome. This writeup will get to the baby box soon enough.


News of the Weird w/Eugene

  • Korean Girls Try American Pizza

Ask Rob and Eugene

  • Why do both Rob and Eugene care about adoptee issues if neither of us are adoptees?

On the Pulse w/Rob


The baby box…

And this is where the show gets a bit on the heavy side. We were put in touch with Ross Oke who is a human rights activist to discuss the baby box. Admittedly, going into the conversation, all three of us are very much against the baby box and view it as a violation of human rights of children who are being abandoned in these boxes. The discussion is great and Ross expertly answered all of our questions and then some, but there is so much more information that exists out there and I encourage you all to do your own research and develop your own conclusions. Here are some sources for your perusal. There did use to be a lot more readily available hard statistics on the matter but the website they are contained on is not currently available, but in short, a common defense of the baby box is that it prevents infanticide, which statistically is not the case. In fact, infanticides slightly increased once the baby box arrived on the scene in Korea, showing that there is little to no correlation between baby boxes and infanticides (as a causal relationship would show infanticides on the decrease once the box appeared, but the statistics show otherwise.)


Special thanks in this episode:

Jane Trenka 


Other show notes:

We mentioned Jen Lee, the brilliant mind behind the Dear Korea comic released her first book. It can be purchased here. Jen also has confirmed that she will appear on an upcoming episode of Café Seoul! YAY! We should get a view to a kill or two out of that episode!

Café Seoul Season 4, Episode 13: Superbats

I guess I need to clarify that this IS a Korea related podcast, but a certain chemistry and passion comes out when Rob and Eugene are geeking out. So in this episode, we have a debate about the somewhat controversial film Batman vs. Superman. We also have a special guest nerd, longtime listener Jae Choi joins us to help shed some light on this film.

If Superman's symbol means hope, what does Batman's mean?

If Superman’s symbol means hope, what does Batman’s mean?

This is one of the few times you will see Eugene and Rob disagree about something. Rob was very unhappy with this film, while Eugene thought it was good. Response to the film is overwhelmingly negative out there. If we were to compare it to James Bond films, Rob would probably say it’s on par with something as terrible as Octopussy, whereas Eugene would choose one of the Dalton films.. hideously underrated.

And once again.. this IS a Korea related podcast.. Honest!

Café Seoul Season 4, Episode 12, Nifty 50

This is the 50th episode of Café Seoul!

Well at least it's an image of something!

Well at least it’s an image of something!

We’ve come a really long way since the beginning. Click here to see our entire history.

We are happy to welcome back Christine Shin, an original member of the podcast dating back to season 1! She’s now working on a lot of cool stuff, and if you would like to check out what her workplace is up to, visit

With a somewhat unconventional intro, some listeners might think there’s a bit of a ‘for your eyes only’ inside joke going on, but that’s not the case, we’re hearkening back to season 1, so in this episode we reminisce about season 1 and season 2 onward, with special cameos from Mike Jones, Aaron Martinson, and Olivia Lim.

We also introduce a new segment, Reverse Culture Shock with Olivia.

Speaking of Olivia, she’s now making new sketches on her new channel, the Mo & O show. Here’s a sample:


Anyway, have a listen and we hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane.