Café Seoul Season 4, Episode 12, Nifty 50

This is the 50th episode of Café Seoul!

Well at least it's an image of something!

Well at least it’s an image of something!

We’ve come a really long way since the beginning. Click here to see our entire history.

We are happy to welcome back Christine Shin, an original member of the podcast dating back to season 1! She’s now working on a lot of cool stuff, and if you would like to check out what her workplace is up to, visit

With a somewhat unconventional intro, some listeners might think there’s a bit of a ‘for your eyes only’ inside joke going on, but that’s not the case, we’re hearkening back to season 1, so in this episode we reminisce about season 1 and season 2 onward, with special cameos from Mike Jones, Aaron Martinson, and Olivia Lim.

We also introduce a new segment, Reverse Culture Shock with Olivia.

Speaking of Olivia, she’s now making new sketches on her new channel, the Mo & O show. Here’s a sample:


Anyway, have a listen and we hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane.

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