Café Seoul Season 4, Episode 16: Full Circle

When you come to Korea to find yourself… is it actually possible that you weren’t looking in the right way, for the right thing?

Full Circle!

Full Circle!

This episode is the second appearance of Sharon Heit, who we last saw in episode 3 of this season. She’s got her newly minted yoga instructor’s license, to kill her students by putting them in difficult yoga positions. Just kidding, she wouldn’t be killing them. Sharon was a pleasure to have in this episode and it’s kind of sad that she’s actually leaving Korea.


News of the Weird w/Rob

On the Pulse w/ Eugene

As we mentioned before Sharon was soon to leave Korea, and we wanted to discuss what she’s learned from her time in Korea. Now a lot of times when you ask an expat what they have learned from their time in another culture, they will give you their assessment of the country as succinctly as possible, but this discussion is different, because Sharon explains how her time in Korea has taught her more about herself, and helped her grow. I don’t think we need to say it again, but I will anyway. We are so going to miss Sharon. Man, is it getting dusty in here?


This episode also used a short segment from this song about earwax, and the Seoul subway song:

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