Café Seoul Season 4, Episode 20: The Only Goth in Korea

Neil Gaiman's Death. From

Neil Gaiman’s Death. From here.

Do you ever feel…

Strewn with times’s dead flowers

Bereft in deathly boom

Alone in a darkened room

Who doesn’t? If you went to high school in the West in the 90s, if films like The Crow, or bands like The Cure moved your deepest heart, you might have a little Goth in you. Though Bela Lugosi is still dead, you get to die another day, and today, you can meet Hyunsu, a university student who is “The Only Goth in Korea.”

Is she really the only goth in Korea? Is it easy to find black nail polish in Seoul? And how do the fantasy works of Rick Riordan fit into the picture? Click “play” and find out!

Also this episode:

News of the Weird

Ask Rob & Eugene – Why do Korean products cost more in Korea than overseas?

On the Pulse – Discussing Korean goth culture with Hyunsu, the ONLY goth in Korea

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