Café Seoul Season 4, Episode 22: K-Redpill vs. K-Radfem

Hyunsu Kim (The only goth in Korea) is back for this episode, as we look to her expert opinion on a recent clash that has developed between two websites that are at odds with each other on gender issues. This particular spat might be unknown to our listeners who don’t use the internet in Korean but you can take a quantum of solace in the fact that Hyunsu is here to explain it to us all.

Shoutout to Kaomi Goetz, who is running the Adapted podcast, focusing on Korean international adoptees who have returned to live in Korea. It’s a pretty sweet podcast that people interested in adoptee issues would really love, interviewing a large variety of people. Check them out here.

<— Rob mentioned he liked this song, so we added a video of it.


News of the Weird:

Ask Rob & Eugene – @albanypeacenik on twitter asks us why Korean people walk backwards for exercise

A woman was fired from her job for wearing this shirt, made by Megalia

A woman was fired from her job for wearing this shirt, made by Megalia


On the Pulse

There are lots of places on the internet where gender-related discussions blow up into long and bitter internet fights. Some of those conversations are good-faith attempts at understanding. Others are trolls going at it for the sheer lulz. In On The Pulse, recent guest Hyunsu (the only goth in Korea) talks about Megalia, a feminist response to sexism originating in Ilbe, sometimes called Korea’s 4Chan. How did these groups come to be? Do they deserve each other? Are they advancing a social goal, or just fixing for a fight? We discuss this and more on On The Pulse.

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