Café Seoul Season 4, Episode 24: Storm the Gates!

At last, we are at the finale of season 4 on Café Seoul. This show is all about gates, but not about the kind of gates you’re thinking of. No, we’re talking about scandals. The spectre of corruption and the pressure to get results quickly are the causes of two very recent scandals that have severe political and economic ramifications for Korea.

News of the Weird – Reviewing an opinion piece regarding batterygate, Samsung’s exploding battery scandal.

Ask Rob & Eugene – Gatey McGateface asks why there’s no Bukdaemun, when there’s a Namdaemun, Dongdaemun, and there used to be a Seodaemun.

On the Pulse – A long drawn out discussion of Choi Soon-sil gate… the scandal involving President Park’s close friend, who has allegedly been manipulating her from behind the scenes.

Special thanks to Peter Daley for contributing to this episode!

Peter also appeared in season 3 to talk about cults, so you can hear that episode here.

For an excellent writeup about Choi Soon-sil gate, please check out Ask a Korean’s piece about it, which explains it in detail in a way that even people not totally familiar with Korea can understand it.

This graphic was obtained from the Korea Herald website. Click to Enlarge.

This graphic was obtained from the Korea Herald website.

Just for good measure...

Just for good measure…

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