Café Seoul Season 4, Episode 25: Make America Never Say Never Again

We DID say that episode 24 was going to be our last of season 4, but with Donald Trump winning the presidential election in the US, we had no choice but to have an emergency final final episode. We thought he’d never win the presidency, but this election has taught us to never say never again. Wow, just wow America! WTF!

Ripped from the facebook page of Gabriel Pettyjohn

Ripped from the facebook page of Gabriel Pettyjohn

News of the Weird

Lifted from Angry Asian Man

Lifted from Angry Asian Man

WTF (On the Pulse) – What does a Trump presidency mean for Korea, US-Korean relations, Korean Americans, Expats in Korea, East Asian geopolitics and the world in general? Rob and Eugene were beyond shocked at the results of the 2016 election and we probably will be for some time. We try to go as deep as we possibly can to discuss the implications of this latest WTF moment of 2016.

3 responses to “Café Seoul Season 4, Episode 25: Make America Never Say Never Again

  1. Great show guys. I can’t be the only one who comments on this website, does everyone else comment on Facebook or something?

    Read Eugene’s well thought out reply to my comment on driving and I agree. I’d never say that Koreans are bad drivers because that is a blanket statement, but extensive time spent on the road leads me to observe that extremely lax enforcement of basic traffic safety laws combined with a tendency towards ‘bbali bbali’ and a pinch of selfishness lead to what I would call dangerous driving at rates that exceed what we should all feel comfortable with, having our loved ones on the road and whatnot. I’d venture to bet that if we took the city of LA and reduced all traffic fines by 60-80 percent, then removed all of the red light cameras, and 70 percent of the patrol cars (creating a Korea-like road law enforcement environment), we would see similar reckless behavior develop, probably rather rapidly.

    My comment regarding “Love Korean food or you aren’t trying hard enough to assimilate” actually came from one of your guests on S3E12 who said “Hey man, I only eat Korean food.” I won’t name names, but I listened to a few of his podcasts (He has his own Korea related podcast) and he repeats this point with pride again and again. Thought it was curious.

    Look forward to next season!

    • Hey man. Thanks for the kind words. Yes I agree with you that people in the US would drive like maniacs if you removed law enforcement from the equation. Maybe not overnight of course, but give it a few years with enough new drivers never getting that first ticket and eventually all the cautious ones that learned in the old system will be replaced by aggressive road ragers.

      We appreciate your comment and look forward to your continued listenership!

  2. You’re shocked about a Trump victory if you’re out of touch with how Americans feel about the direction of their country. Liberals need to come up other adjectives other than “shocked” and “disappointed”, too.

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