Café Seoul Season 5, Episode 1: News and Fisting

Oh my gosh! Rob and Eugene are back after such a long long long long long long break! Yes! Season 5 is now underway, and as of this writing (on April 29th) there are actually 2 more episodes in the pipeline to be edited. So fear not, there is lots of Café Seoul headed your way so you can get your fix.

As we were planning the show, we decided that we’d do an entire episode of News of the Weird, and skip On the Pulse. because we’d been away so long. That WAS the plan, but in the first half of the show, we actually ended up having a very long discussion about whitewashing in western media and specifically about Marvel’s Iron Fist… so we’ll call that On the Pulse for this episode

So… why didn’t they just go with that guy in the center?

News of the Weird

And yes, at the end of the podcast, Eugene did mispronounce Rob’s family name, but his BS excuse is that he was mimicking how it should be pronounced in Rob’s native Canadian, know watm tokin aboot?

2 responses to “Café Seoul Season 5, Episode 1: News and Fisting

  1. Long time listener, occasional commentator here. Glad you guys are back. My commutes into Seoul’s seedy under belly were getting a bit dry with no Korea-related talk radio to listen to. Keep on ‘trucking’ as the Americans say. I am a big fan of your show and have but a single request; every time I hear the words ‘Donald Trump’ I find my hand involuntarily reaching for the power button on my listening device. I can’t be the only one suffering from this allergy to the words ‘Donald Trump’. I’ve stopped watching CNN entirely because it is now the 24/7 Trump network and I can’t even get real news because they are so blinded by their hatred for Trump that they pushed back genuine worldwide news stories in favor of Trump trash talk hour after hour. Have to watch the BBC now if I want balanced non-Trump related news, and I am not even British.

    I too am disgusted by Trump, but he is the bitter pill that Americans have to swallow for the time being. With a voter turnout of 57.9 percent, it is safe to say that Americans are too busy guzzling super-sized Quickie Mart colas and Insta-photographing their fast food to actually get out and force change.

    I’m actually more interested in the Korean election, seeing as how the Koreans are about to elect a North Korean sympathizing, revenge seeking homophobe (Moon) as their next leader. Moon’s remarks that ‘gays harm the Korean army’ and that he doesn’t ‘agree with’ homosexuality as if it were some sort of ‘lifestyle choice’ are particularly troubling from a human rights standpoint.

    Re: Expensive Weddings, I’ve told Korean friends time and time again that I’ve never met anyone outside of Korea who feels the need to save up a quarter million US dollars or more for a wedding/housing in their 20’s. In fact, this tradition is quite absurd in 2017, as houses and apartments no longer cost a couple years salary, but instead can cost around 18 x the average salary of a 20-something. This absurd belief that “The man must supply the woman with an apartment” causes all sorts of pre-marital strife, and often times burdens the groom’s parents who will be forced to sell down or take out loans to get junior the desperately needed apartment that this ‘tradition’ demands. I would also add that expecting the man to pay for the apartment at the time of marriage is inherently sexist and exploitative. If women would like the benefits of equal treatment, one step in that direction might be to assume part of the financial responsibility of marriage. Most of my female co-workers have saved NOTHING for marriage, and rely likewise on their own parents to supply cash to buy gifts for their in-laws. As long as Koreans latch on to the idea that they need to procure a new apartment upon marriage, the marriage rate will continue to decline, likely in proportion to the increase in housing costs, which are already unrealistic and unreasonable in Korea.

    • Hi Jake! Thanks a lot for listening! We are very pleased with your thoughtful comment and will address it on an upcoming episode! Thank you very much for your support, and your feedback means a lot to us!

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