Café Seoul Season 5, Episode 3: Blackface Again?

Yes, we know that we’re late in getting this episode published. We promise you that when we recorded this episode the issue was current!  You try editing one of these episodes when the only time you have to do it is when your toddler is sleeping and that’s also the only time YOU can sleep!


But yes, this episode you can hear two guys who aren’t black discuss blackface in Korea. As we try to keep our privilege in check, we find that blackface is a huge problem even today, and it keeps happening and it frankly makes us angry.


She was wearing WHAT??!?!?

More excuses before discussing this episode, the Bunker was unavailable this time so we recorded from Jesus Coffee in the Mapo-gu Office area. It’s also kind of noisy so we’re sorry.

News of the Weird

So, what if you’re both?

On the Pulse – An in depth discussion on blackface. The original sketch can be seen here


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