Café Seoul Season 5, Episode 6: Wonder Woman Spectacular

NOTE: In the editing process Eugene attempted to bleep out all uncouth 4-letter words but ended up missing a few. So… this episode is explicit. Do not listen with kids who can’t handle s and f and p. Apologies in advance.

Well, we ended up nerding out again. How could we resist when the DC Cinematic Universe finally actually made a good film….?


Rob says Eugene should be calling her Wonderwo-Man

Emma Kalka and Dr. Michael Hurt also appeared in this episode to help us nerd it up a bit. Here are links to their respective blogs:

Emma writes Discovering the Korean Underground.

Dr. Hurt writes Scribblings of the Metropolitician.

We first responded to Jacques, who commented on the previous episode about Asian-American representation in media. This led to a very long discussion on why talking about it is important.

We ditched the traditional format for this episode for these special segments:

  • Amazons of the Past – we discuss some of our favorite badass female characters from movies and TV, then hold a hypothetical single elimination tournament to find out which of these badass women reign supreme!


  • Everyone’s favorite Amazon – about an hour in, we finally start talking about Wonder Woman… and here we all explain how we came to encounter the character and some of our memories about her.


  • Amazons of the Present – Discussing and reviewing the 2017 Wonder Woman film.


  • Amazons of the Future – What impact this film will have on the trajectory of the DCU and super hero films in general

3 responses to “Café Seoul Season 5, Episode 6: Wonder Woman Spectacular

  1. Damn, I had previously posted about Hawaii Five-O and now it turns out the two Korean actors have quit the show over unequal pay. What do you guys think about this? The Kor-AM community is labeling it as racism. The two Korean actors, Kim and Park do quite well on the show, but they have less screen time and sometimes do not even appear in certain episodes. Is it racist to pay them less than the actors who appear in every episode and have more lines and screen time? Interesting debate it will be.

    Keep up the good work on the show!

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