Café Seoul Season 5, Episode 12: “Out” in Korea

Wow, this episode is like 6 months late. Apologies to our guest Hyunsoo Kim, who was kind enough to visit with us in August of 2017 to discuss being “Out” in Korea. Out meaning… LGBTQ.

Obiwan seems to be cool with it.

News of the Weird:

On the Pulse: Discussion with Hyunsoo Kim regarding what it is like to be LGBTQ in Korea in comparison to other places she has lived. Many people who have lived in Korea for a long time have heard someone tell them that there are no gays in Korea. This is how dire the situation was… recently, but things are changing. But even though Korea is the bbali bbali country, this change can’t be fast enough, because Korea is still lagging socially on rights for sexual minorities. Outside of Korea it may not be such a big deal these days to be out… but within Korea, Hyunsoo says that very few people are really totally out to everyone.

Coming out isn’t easy, nor is being closeted. Many people need support for whatever situation they may be dealing with. During our podcast recording, Hyunsoo recommended Ddingddong, a Korean youth crisis center as a resource for people who may need someone to talk to.

Café Seoul, Season 5, Episode 11: Cut for the very first time

After a long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long period of being very very very very very busy, Eugene has actually finally found time to edit this episode.  Rydia is back and our subject today is plastic surgery.

This picture has been circulating the net for quite a while. It shows the contestants for Miss Korea 2013. Some people say they all have the same face. What do you think?

But rather than criticize all the people in Korea getting it, we are discussing why Rydia made the decision to get it in the first place.

During the initial banter of this episode we got some letters from Dave and from Kathleen. Dave’s letter sparked a discussion on Western remakes of Asian films. Kathleen’s letter caused us to discuss foreigner privilege in Korean settings.


News of the Weird:


Rydia Kim was once a co-host on Café Seoul, and she’s returned to discuss plastic surgery in Korea. As someone who recently got a procedure or two herself, she’s here to elaborate on her decision to get plastic surgery, and how her initial aversion to the practice was overcome. She also goes in detail about how the procedures have helped her to be confident and how it is important to have a positive body image. Later Rob and Rydia discuss why plastic surgery is such a trend in Korea, and how body alterations work in the context of Korea’s modern culture.

Rydia can be found @Rydia0722 on Instagram

If you’re an expat in Korea, chances are that you are her friend on facebook already, or are at least friends with someone who is her friend. She’s very popular afterall.