Café Seoul Season 5, Episode 14: The end? (Or is it?)

Hello subscribers and fans. Are there any of you left? This is the most recently recorded episode of Café Seoul Podcast. It was recorded in the summer of 2017. It’s now spring 2019 and there’s a reason why there’s been such a huge delay in getting this epsiode out.

Of course, procrastination is one of them, but after this episode Eugene uprooted his family and left Korea.

Not the actual route Eugene took to return.

I also didn’t want to work on the episode because honestly I am a soft guy and it made me sad that this very well could be the last one. I wanted to make it believable that this thing could still keep going, but things being how they are, raising a kid, getting established and right with all the various agencies, doing a job search, preparing for interviews, then focusing on work have pushed this episode to the back burner.

So why now? Because in the summer of 2017, Game of Thrones season 7 had just ended and we spent a lengthy part of this episode talking about what we hope to see in season 8. Season 8 is now less than two days away, and I have to get it out before that, even though most people listening may be doing that well after the whole series ended.

So you can thank Arya Stark for getting my butt in gear and making me finish this finally.

So without further ado, here are the various segments for this, the final episode of Café Seoul’s 5th season.

  • Review of Game of Thrones –  Most satisfying deaths, predictions, retrospective of the series so far, etc etc. It wouldn’t be Café Seoul without nerding it up.


  • The Best Goodbyes – Rob finds goodbyes from books, movies, songs and other forms of pop culture. Eugene has to guess where they come from.


  • Exit Interview – Rob and Eugene reflect on the past 10 years in Korea. Rob asks Eugene to make top three lists on various expat in Korea related topics while introducing some of his own. Rob also reads a sad sappy (heartfelt) letter to inflate Eugene’s ego (but really really appreciated).

A candid photo, taken in the spring of 2017, when both Eugene and Rob knew the end was near. Note the nervous expressions.

Café Seoul may be finished for the time being, but we do have plans to put out reunion episodes every now and then, so don’t unsubscribe! You may find more material pop up by surprise!

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