Café Seoul Season 6, Episode 2: Lay Off the Candy Bars!

It’s Café Seoul’s first ever actual review of a time travel movie!!!

We are pleased as always to have Emma Kalka join us as we review… well.. a time travel movie. So I guess it qualifies (sigh)…



It’s so bad it’s SO not good it flips back over into good again! Ya good?

Timecop (1994) Starring Jean Claude Van Damme’s amazing thighs… and I guess also Jean Claude Van Damme.

Truth be told, we got off to a shaky start with this one, and we didn’t end up doing much reconstructing. Mid-recording we decided that this film was not worth it because of all of the illogical ways it uses time travel and it would be a major chore rather than fun. You’re not watching for kicks. You’re watching it for high kicks performed from the Muscles from Brussels.


This is why you watched the movie. Admit it.

Our next episode will have more fun and excitement. It will be (ahem) most triumphant, my excellent friends.

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