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Café Seoul is a time travel discussion podcast that dissects and reviews time travel films. We try to forensically reconstruct timelines that we did not see on screen applying various time travel theories to figure out what had to have happened in order for what we see on screen to have happened. It’s a lot of fun to do, and we hope it’s equally as fun to listen to!

From 2013 to 2017, Café Seoul was a Korea-based expat-lifestyle podcast. Co-hosted by a duo of expats from North America, each episode dealt with a particular hot-button theme or issue. Café Seoul at that time discussed recent news, answered listener questions, and interviewed interesting people all for the sake of intelligent discussion with a dash of humor.


Rob Ouwehand

Hailing from small-town Canada, Rob has lived in Seoul since 2003, and written about life in South Korea on his blog, “Roboseyo” since 2006. Rob was a founding member of Café Seoul, and under our previous format presented the “On The Pulse” interview segment. He holds a Masters’ Degree in Korean Studies, and uses chopsticks very well. These days, he balances blogging, family, podcasting and other writing projects with a job teaching English to university students. His friends actually do call him “Roboseyo.”

After Eugene moved back to the U.S. in 2017, and after a lengthy geekout discussion about time travel on Facebook messenger, Rob strongly hinted to Eugene that he would like to relaunch Café Seoul to get these type of time travel discussions down in audio form. In the new format, Rob keeps Eugene in check, explaining the complicated time travel theories and tangents in plain English


Eugene Hwang

A native of the State of Maryland in the USA, Eugene moved to Korea in 2006 for graduate school, but ended up staying longer than he intended, until 2017. He holds a Masters’ Degree in International Relations and is a geek about sci-fi films and tv shows, baseball, pro wrestling, and various other subjects (so you probably don’t want to play against him in trivial pursuit). Eugene was a founding member of Café Seoul and he also writes and produces the podcast, and presented the News of the Weird segment under the previous format.

A total time travel nerd, Eugene first delved into the illogic of time travel movies after watching Back to the Future II in the theatre in 1990 at the tender age of 12. From there he formulated several theories of how time travel works, and later in life encountered a blog by M.J Young which put into words more succinctly the theories Eugene had independently started to put together but had not refined. During time travel discussions on Café Seoul, Eugene brings it all together to try to make films work that shouldn’t logically. Don’t get confused!



Clockwise from top: Michael Jones, Eugene Hwang, Christine Shin, Olivia Lim, Rob Ouwehand

Dissatisfied with management’s death grip on creative control at the radio station where he worked, as a writer for a show, hired because he was considered creative, Eugene Hwang explored the idea of podcasting in late 2012. After discussing with coworker and serious newsman Dan Shin during one of their constant complain-about-my-job-rants, the initial concept of Café Seoul was born. In its infancy, the envisioned podcast would involve friends gathering together over dinner and discussing events. After consulting with other disgruntled radio employees, the original team consisted of Eugene, Dan, longtime radio writer and guest Christine Shin, public speaking consultant Michael Jones, future Hollywood Starlet Olivia Lim, and Korea-related-blogger heavyweight Rob Ouwehand. The pilot episode was recorded on an a small audio recorder in an actual coffee shop.

Acting out one of the many comedic skits during season one.

Acting out one of the many comedic skits during season one.

Season One (January 2013 – May 2013):
During the first recording, just for kicks Eugene also wrote in a few public service announcement parodies that mocked the ridiculous ones put out by the station. These proved to be more fun than the discussions themselves and by episode 2, the decision was made collectively that Café Seoul would be a comedy podcast. Dan decided not to continue beyond episode 1 and between episodes 2-8 the team of 5 members did their best to show off their comedic flair. Scheduling and division of labor for the core 5 proved to be overwhelming and a new format was suggested and tried in episode 9. Due to several factors the group went on a long hiatus after season one.



Season Two (March 2014 – August 2014)
Aaron Martinson, a recurring radio guest approached Eugene about joining a seperate podcast in February 2014. Eugene initially agreed but then after discussions with Olivia and Rob, the decision was made to restart Café Seoul and bring Aaron onto the team as a co-host with Olivia, with Rob and Eugene as guests. The format of the show was overhauled, coupling News of the Weird w/Eugene and On the Pulse w/Rob.

A celebratory toast to the ongoing success of the show in season 3.

A celebratory toast to the ongoing success of the show in season 3.

Season Three (October 2014 – July 2015)
In December 2014, Café Seoul won Best Podcast at the K-Blog Awards, beating the Korea Underground Podcast by only the slimmest of margins. Due to a printing error the certificate read “Best Best Podcast” (hence the podcast’s tagline).

We won this virtual trophy.

We won this virtual trophy.

We won this certificate at the K-blog Awards. It contained the typo that led to our tagline.

In 2015, the new segments Ask Aaron and Olivia and On the Street w/ Michael were added. In May 2015 both Aaron and Olivia had their final shows with Café Seoul, and Blossom Perriard, who was the interviewee in Season 3 episode 11 was brought on to co-host with Rob and Eugene starting with episode 13.

The most recent lineup of Café Seoul: (from left) Blossom Perriard, Eugene Hwang, Rob Ouwehand

The lineup of Café Seoul as it stood at the end of season three: (from left) Blossom Perriard, Eugene Hwang, Rob Ouwehand

Season Four: (October 2015 – November 2016)

Café Seoul returned in October of 2015. Blossom left the team due to becoming gainfully employed, which made her schedule incongruent with the podcast’s schedule. Rob and Eugene began doing the podcast as a duo, while advertising a need for a third member. Rydia Kim came on and agreed to appear once per month as a temporary co-host. After a few episodes scheduling issues once again reared their ugly heads, and the podcast once again became a Rob and Eugene Duo. In April 2016, Café Seoul published its 50th episode. Season 4 eventually turned out to be the longest season to date, lasting about 13 months, with the 25th and final episode of the season occurring in November 2016.

Season 4 Lineup: (from left) Eugene, Rob and Rydia. Eugene is having Hot 6 with Rydia, so Rob made sure his pen is in the picture too.

Early Season 4 Lineup: (from left) Eugene, Rob and Rydia. Eugene is having Hot 6 with Rydia, so Rob made sure his pen is in the picture too.

Season Five: (April 2017 – August 2017)

Rob and Eugene took a bit longer break than they expected and returned in April 2017. Season 5 began with the revelation that there may be fewer guests, and Rob and Eugene have also resigned to the fact that they probably won’t be able to keep a long term third wheel female cohost, hence season five was labeled the bromance season. Fans that enjoy hearing two dudes pontificate and basically agree with each other all the time have a high chance of loving this season. Eugene moved back to the U.S. in 2017 and we thought that was a wrap on Café Seoul….. but…

Season Six: (August 2019 – June 2021)

Café Seoul was simply too much fun for Rob and Eugene to completely abandon. Realizing it has enriched their lives over the years, Rob and Eugene contemplated restarting it several times… but those attempts fizzled until Eugene returned to Korea for a visit in 2019 and naturally the dynamic duo recorded some episodes under a new format that discusses time travel. No longer really about Korea though, they decided to keep the Café Seoul title as a remnant from a previous timeline. Finally after a lengthy discussion about the future of Café Seoul, the decision was made to suspend it and rebrand the first few episodes of season six into a new podcast called Time Travel Forensics. Café Seoul had a great run, and will always be Korea’s best best podcast!

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