Season 1, Episode 6: Holidaze

Holidaze, part two our our “The Mostly Actually Entertaining Episodes Of Season One” trilogy, looks at the quirks and conundrums of Korean holiday culture.

Rob interviews Christine about sombreros (you had to be there). Jajangmyeon Jan switches sides. Overthinking Jeff shops for White Day (guest starring Olivia as the cutest kid in the world). Girls talk in the Bathroom discusses beauty pageants, body shaming, the male gaze, and lip gloss!


In The Weekly Update, North Korean tensions, corrupt doctors, Equus car branding news, and a confusing press conference about match fixing in baseball fill the time, and At the Hagwon, Dave gets mixed up, and Mina gets discouraged by all the different holidays they have to celebrate with the kids.

Pop Stop features SNSD, Son Yeonjae, and Japaguri, while K-Star talk about their favorite holidays.


Season 1, Episode 4: Valentine’s Day

Episode 4 was the Valentine’s Episode, and love and romance were the overarching themes. Fake ads include couple clothes and the Valentine’s Gift cultural guide, as well as a new candy called “Cinnamon Blurts” that will keep things real. Love adventure gets dramatic over some chocolate, and at the Hagwon, Sora goes boy crazy! Even Kimchi Kim gets in on the lovin’ action, with a romantic interest, while at BOKT Lee’s boss discusses the genders of foods.

Alos, Mike interviews Olivia in a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious conversation.

Season 1, Episode 3: Seollal

Episode 3 was the Seollal episode, and our sketches riff on different holidays and holiday traditions important in Korea. Idea Man is excited about the Kimchi museum, there’s accent confusion at the Hagwon, Overthinking Guy has trouble with birthdays, and The Heart of Korea Whispered into our Souls. Also, Olivia interviews Eugene in the interview segment.

This episode is most noteworthy, however, for the debut of a favorite character of the Cafe Seoul cast: Kimchi Kim!