Season 1, Episode 7: Night on the Town

Part 3 of the “Peak Sketch Comedy Trilogy” is Episode 7, where the cast riffs on nightlife, party time, cruising and boozing in the Republic of Korea.

Vampires, ballerinas and facial symmetry show up in Pop Stop, while the Weekly Update looks at chemical leaks, (more) political corruption, Korea’s Justin Bieber, and what happens when counter-protests get anti-anti-anti and a little too meta. Our fake ad is for the Pee Seat Primo, for those subway emergencies, and Love Adventure takes a tragic turn.

At The Hogwan, it’s time for office dinner (and drinks) while bad Korean pronunciation gets a closer look, and a couple of adventurers in Itaewon go off the beaten track… just adjacent to Itaewon. Also, the Ministry of Gender Equality Family Morals and Wetlands tackles sexual assault and its connection to short skirts. Between editing, jokes and ideas, this might be the best episode of Cafe Seoul’s sketch comedy era… but don’t take it from us!